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Monday, June 17, 2024

Welcome to the Monday, June 17, 2024 edition of Culture Remix Daily Playlist! Today, we bring you the latest in Web3 innovations, artistic collaborations, and exciting developments in the digital and physical worlds. Let's dive into the stories making headlines today.

Today's Stories

Doodles Moves Stoodio to Base

Doodles is set to move its Stoodio to Base in July, with the mission to revolutionize media development, distribution, and ownership. The Stoodio aims to offer direct-to-fan experiences where communities not only consume but also co-create and get rewarded for their contributions. The new platform on Base will include tokenized access to CAMP media, customizable UGC tools, quests, games, loyalty programs, and rewards. This move will make onboarding new users easier while maintaining a seamless experience for the crypto-native community. Read more about Doodles' move.

Web3 with BOO Featuring DALEK

The latest episode of "Web3 with BOO" features special guest DALEK, discussing his SPACEMONKEYS project and the evolution of different mediums, technologies, and the power of memes. The conversation dives deep into how art and technology intersect and the role of Web3 in this dynamic landscape. Watch the episode on YouTube or listen to it on Spaces.

Layer3 Raises $15 Million for Omnichain Identity Protocol

Layer3 has successfully raised $15 million in a Series A funding round to support its omnichain identity and distribution protocol, which helps cryptocurrency consumers discover and earn rewards from projects. The company aggregates user activity across multiple chains and dApps, generating a unified view of a user’s on-chain identity. This enables highly targeted and efficient token distribution. Layer3’s infrastructure is used by over 100 crypto teams, serving more than 3 million unique users in 120 countries, and supporting 25 different blockchains. Learn more about Layer3's funding.

Empowering African Web3 Developers

The Hashgraph Association has partnered with Adanian Labs and The Africa Blockchain Centre to empower over 3000 Web3 developers across Africa through the DLT Africa Regional Developer Program. This collaboration will provide participants with the latest industry knowledge and best practices, aiming to solve challenges on the African continent through blockchain technology. Read about the partnership.

Freename Integrates with Base for Web3 Domains

Freename, a leading multichain provider of Web3 domains, has integrated with Base to enhance the efficiency and affordability of domain minting. This integration underscores Freename’s commitment to providing a secure, scalable, and user-friendly multichain platform. With Base’s low transaction costs and Ethereum compatibility, users can mint domains more easily and cost-effectively. Learn more about Freename's integration.

Vatican Library Expands Web3 Use with NFTs

The Vatican library has announced an experimental project awarding nontransferable NFTs to supporters of its manuscript collections. Italians who share about the project on social media will receive a "Silver NFT" giving access to high-resolution images of 15 manuscripts, while financial supporters will receive a "Gold NFT" granting access to all 21 manuscripts in the special collection. Read about the Vatican library's NFT project.

Paris Match Auctions Historic Photos as NFTs

Paris Match is commemorating its 75th anniversary by auctioning a series of archival photos as Ethereum NFTs. The auction will feature 75 iconic photos, each accompanied by signed physical prints. Starting bids for the photos begin at 0.3 ETH. The selected photos include cultural icons like The Rolling Stones, Jack Nicholson, and John Travolta. Learn more about the auction.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates at the intersection of culture, technology, and innovation!

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