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Monday, June 10, 2024

Welcome to the June 10, 2024 edition of the Culture Remix Daily Playlist! Today's stories bring you the latest in blockchain technology, innovative partnerships, and creative advancements in the web3 space. Let's dive into the updates reshaping the digital and creative landscapes.

Today's Stories

Reebok x Panini America's New Collection

The sports card market saw a massive surge during the pandemic, and while it has slightly deflated, the community remains robust. Reebok and Panini America have continued their collaboration with a new collection centered around NFL legend Emmitt Smith. This collection features three different shoes inspired by Panini’s Prizm cards: the ES22 “Color Blast,” Preseason 94 “Gold Prizm,” and Preseason 94 Low “Purple Prizm.” These shoes will be available on June 14, 2024, along with a Panini x Reebok apparel collection.

South Korea's New NFT Regulations

South Korea’s Financial Services Commission (FSC) has issued guidelines clarifying when NFTs can be considered virtual assets. According to the FSC, mass-produced, divisible NFTs that can be used as payment will be regulated similarly to cryptocurrencies. However, NFTs used for ticketing or digital certificates will be classified differently. This move aims to provide clearer regulatory frameworks for the evolving digital asset landscape in South Korea.

Earthy Revolutionizes Charitable Giving

Earthy, a newly established platform, aims to revolutionize charitable giving by leveraging a sophisticated Web3 framework. Founded by Sam Singer, Earthy intends to enhance transparency and efficiency in donations, ensuring that resources reach those in need directly. The platform allows individuals to submit impact projects, which, once approved, become eligible for funding. Developers can build applications to support these projects, and users earn rewards by staking tokens.

Tectris Program to Transform the Travel Industry

Tectris, a new program led by Ennea Capital Partners, Falkensteiner Ventures, Trips Community, Chain4Travel, and others, aims to nurture startups developing blockchain, cryptocurrency, and AI technology for the travel industry. The program will focus on advancements like tokenization, decentralized ownership, and automated trust protocols. Tectris will select ten promising Web3 travel startups to support and invest in, with semi-finals held in Italy and finals in Austria. Read more

Talentir's Growing by Solving Creator Earnings Headaches

Talentir, a platform enabling creators to receive earnings directly via blockchain, has recorded a 6,500% growth compared to April. This platform offers significant cost savings by eliminating hefty fees and delays associated with traditional payment methods. Creators can earn between 15% and 30% more when using Talentir, making it a preferred choice for many in the creative industry.

Telegram Launches Telegram Stars to Simplify In App Payments

Telegram Stars allows users to pay for digital services on Telegram via in-app purchases on iOS and Android. App developers can swap their stars for TON by using the exchange Fragment. One of the cool features of this program for app developers (and one of the many reasons for the explosive app ecosystem growth for Telegram of late) is that they can get ads subsidized that are purchased with Telegram Stars which can help offset Google and Apple's take within the mobile app ecosystems for purchases made within the App Store ecosystems. You can read more about Telegram Stars here.

TylerxHobbs’ Harbor Scene #2 (After John Henry Twachtman)
ARCANE ECHOES by senemsad
Circles and Lines, Yellow, black, gray, 2024 by A-Mashiro
Veils of Captivity by Vibeke Alvestad

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