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Sunday, June 09, 2024

Welcome to the June 09, 2024 edition of the Culture Remix Daily Playlist! We're diving into the latest developments in the web3 world, blockchain innovations, and the tech industry's advancements. From blockchain-supported wine marketplaces to AI beauty pageants, today’s stories highlight how technology is reshaping various industries. Let's get started!

Today's Stories

InterCellar's Bordeaux Wine NFTs

Online blockchain-supported wine marketplace InterCellar has released a range of Bordeaux en primeur wines as non-fungible tokens (NFTs). This innovative move allows wine enthusiasts to trade seven en primeur wine NFTs from the 2023 harvest on This step integrates the wine market with blockchain technology, providing a new avenue for wine trading and investment. Read more

Delabs Games Partners with Ambrus Studio and Counter Fire

Delabs Games, the Web3-focused division of South Korean game developer 4:33 Creative Lab, has announced partnerships with Ambrus Studio and Counter Fire. These alliances aim to advance Web3 gaming through blockchain technology, creating immersive and interactive gaming experiences. Johnson Yeh, founder of Ambrus Studio and a veteran of Riot Games, joins as an advisor to Delabs Games. The partnership promises to bring exciting developments to the gaming ecosystem. Read more

GoPlus Raises $10M for Web3 Cybersecurity

Web3 cybersecurity company GoPlus has raised $10 million to build a permissionless, modular security layer designed to integrate with any blockchain network. The company plans to introduce a token to be used for gas fees and as an incentive for developers to engage with GoPlus services. This funding will enhance the security infrastructure across various blockchain platforms. Read more

The Miss AI Beauty Pageant

Generative artificial intelligence (AI) models are competing in the inaugural “Miss AI” pageant this month. These virtual contestants exist solely on social media platforms like Instagram, featuring photorealistic images and videos created using AI technology. The event highlights the growing influence of AI in creating digital personas and influencers. Read more

Apple’s Partnership with OpenAI

At its annual Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple is expected to announce a partnership with OpenAI and unveil new generative AI tools. The initiative, dubbed "Apple Intelligence," will integrate AI features into iPhones, enhancing functionalities like Siri. This move aims to spur growth in iPhone sales and services, offering users advanced AI capabilities. Read more

Alone Not Lonely by Glam Beckett
Star Walker by ahad
electric cheers by liv with Chipped Social

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