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Friday, June 07, 2024

Welcome to the June 07, 2024 edition of Culture Remix Daily Playlist! We have an exciting lineup of stories that blend cutting-edge technology, innovative partnerships, and creative ventures in the worlds of web3, fashion, gaming, and more. Let’s dive in!

Today's Stories

.Blockchain Web3 Domain Initiative and Unstoppable Domains have partnered to register the .blockchain web3 domain with ICANN. This initiative aims to integrate web2 and web3 browsing capabilities, enhancing accessibility and providing a dedicated space for blockchain-related businesses. The application process begins with ICANN’s Applicant’s Guidebook next year, with the new gTLDs expected by 2026. This move represents a significant step in merging traditional internet infrastructures with decentralized technologies.

MetaMask and HyperPlay Launch Web3 Game Directory

MetaMask has teamed up with HyperPlay to launch a new game directory within the MetaMask Portfolio. This platform will simplify the discovery and management of blockchain games, aiming to enhance the web3 user experience. By integrating with HyperPlay’s store, which aggregates titles from various storefronts and offers a 0% fee model, this initiative ensures developers receive maximum revenue, fostering further game development and innovation.

McDonald’s Metaverse Experience in Singapore

McDonald’s Singapore has launched a metaverse experience called “My Happy Place” in collaboration with Bandwagon Labs. This virtual world features interactive activities, rewards, and a unique experience for holders of Grimace NFTs. Users can engage in games, design restaurants, and win daily rewards. This initiative follows McDonald’s Hong Kong’s launch of McNuggets Land in The Sandbox.

RTFKT x Nike Dunk VOID Release

RTFKT and Nike are set to release the Dunk VOID on June 21st. This latest collaboration promises to blend technological and fashion innovations, showcasing the evolution of sneaker culture in the digital age. The release will be available exclusively on SNKRS US. Watch the video

MSCHF x ACRONYM Sneaker Collaboration

MSCHF has teamed up with ACRONYM to release the Super Normal ACRONYM AG sneaker. This collaboration intensifies the unique design language of the Super Normal silhouette with vibrant acid-green hues and shapeable metal backing, pushing the boundaries of sneaker innovation and aesthetics.

We hope you enjoyed today's curated stories. Stay tuned for more updates and insights on the latest trends and innovations in the world of culture and technology.

WEB 6 by Joao Salazar
Ephemeral Echoes by mindmechanic
'A Small Baland' for Mr. Chalk by fidel

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