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"ALS is Dead": Remixing Culture and Cryptocurrency for a Cause

In honor of Sherry Smith, loving mother, wife and friend to so many in the world. RIP

In the realm of digital innovation, the "ALS is Dead" cryptocurrency token emerges as a beacon of hope and transformation, exemplifying how the power of decentralization can be harnessed for monumental social good. This initiative, born out of a deeply personal tragedy, stands as a testament to the potential of merging crypto art culture with philanthropic ambition to make a lasting impact in the fight against Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS).

Vision and Mission

The vision of "ALS is Dead" is clear: to leverage the blockchain's transparent and immutable nature to foster a continuous stream of support for ALS research and awareness. Its mission is to create a symbiotic ecosystem where engagement with the token directly contributes to finding a cure for ALS, turning every transaction into a step towards eradicating this devastating disease.

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Reason for Existence

"ALS is Dead" was conceived in memory of my beloved mother whose battle with ALS ended recently, yet her spirit ignited this movement. This token is more than a currency; it's a call to action, a symbol of hope, and a vehicle for change, ensuring that the fight against ALS can be empowered by the very community it aims to serve. The name ALS is DEAD was inspired in a couple ways. First, this DEADFELLAZ token that I bought in honor of my mom inspired the word DEAD in the name and will be mascot for the project. Symbolically, it spoke to me with purple being her favorite color, 13 being her favorite number, and the "tears" seemingly crying for all those that have died from this horrible disease. It felt like a perfect tribute in art form for me to utilize as a mascot for this project and to represent a web3 project who I feel has been essential in remixing culture in their own way.

Secondly, to "dead" something in hip hop and cultural slang is to "kill it" or "put it to rest". I thought we could "Dead" ALS and put this horrible disease to rest. In web3 and this new forefront of the digital era and technologies, we are accustomed to hearing "NFTs are dead" or "BTC is dead" (thanks Jim Cramer) but know that this technology is hear to say. So I wanted to juxtapose the powerful potential of these technologies that are here to say with cultural slang representing our power to prevent a horrible illness for representing a death sentence for everyone it touches.

Engagement and Usage Strategy

To ensure active participation and meaningful usage of the token, "ALS is Dead" introduces innovative token sinks that intertwine with the fabric of crypto culture and philanthropy:

  • ALS Research Funding Votes or Lobbying Efforts in Congress: Token holders have the power to direct funds to research projects, democratizing the funding process and making every vote a tangible contribution to the cause.

  • Exclusive Content Access: A gateway to understanding ALS, with tokens offering access to specialized content, thereby educating and engaging the community while supporting research.

  • Event Participation: From virtual webinars to physical conferences, each event acts as a fundraising and awareness platform, deepening the community's connection to the cause.

  • Memorial Tokens and ALS Artwork: These initiatives provide personal and artistic expressions of support, linking the community's creative spirit with fundraising efforts. One example is offering a service where community members can create memorial tokens in honor of loved ones affected by ALS. These tokens could carry personalized messages or stories, and creating them would require burning tokens. We will also be commissioning artists to create ALS-themed artwork, NFTs, or digital memorabilia, with sales requiring ALS is Dead tokens. This not only supports artists but also turns artwork into a method for raising funds for ALS research.

  • Advocacy and Educational Initiatives: By participating in or sponsoring advocacy missions and educational programs, token holders contribute directly to advancing ALS awareness and research.

  • Token-Based Merchandise Store: Create a range of branded merchandise where purchases can only be made with the token. Proceeds (in tokens) are then donated to ALS foundations. This can include clothing, accessories, or even digital goods.

  • Community Challenges and Contests: Host regular challenges or contests with themes related to ALS awareness, research, and advocacy. Entry fees and prizes would be in ALS is Dead tokens, with a portion of the entry fees being donated.

Cultural and Digital Remix

"ALS is Dead" is not just a funding mechanism but a cultural phenomenon, showcasing how digital technologies can remix culture for social good. It exemplifies how crypto art and blockchain technology can transcend traditional boundaries, creating a new narrative for philanthropy and community-driven support.

This project is a prime example for CULTURE REMIX's spotlight, embodying the innovative spirit of using technology to foster societal change. It reflects a broader movement of integrating digital technologies with cultural and social initiatives, proving that the digital realm can be a powerful force for good.

By highlighting "ALS is Dead," CULTURE REMIX aims to inspire its readers and the broader community to see the potential of digital currencies and blockchain technology not just as tools for financial transactions, but as instruments of meaningful societal impact. The project stands as a pioneering model of how the fusion of art, technology, and philanthropy can create a legacy of hope and change in the face of life's greatest challenges. Stand by for more details as this project gets under way!


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